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Since 2012, Ardy’s Auto Spa has earned the reputation of providing the highest quality auto detailing in Hattiesburg. We have options for every client including basic maintenance washes, full interior deep cleaning, paint correction, ceramic coatings and free pick up service. We’re the first in our area to offer an online scheduling menu and we’re also the most recommended auto detailer in Hattiesburg. If you’re meticulous about the car you drive, you should be meticulous about the care it receives. Schedule an appointment with us and see why we’re the Pinebelt’s Ultimate Auto Detailer!


"Traveling and working remotely in Hattiesburg, my car really needed a serious cleaning. I called Ardy this Saturday and he gladly accommodated me even picked up and returned my car looking so clean shiny and refreshed! Definitely recommend Ardy for car detail cleaning! He did not even charge for the head liner cleaning I requested since it did not come perfectly clean as he had hoped. Very reliable, professional service!"

Connie O., Freeport, FL

"Having traveled from Seattle to Mississippi with a dog, a cat and a husband, you can only imagine the state of my 4 Runner. Add to that, snow, rain and road dirt, as well as, having arrived here just in time for some biblical-event weather patterns (SNOW in Mississippi???) I can only say, when Ardy brought my car back I barely recognized it! It seriously looked brand new. The attention to detail was amazing and pretty impressive - quite frankly. Also, did I mention that they picked my car up and returned it to me? My husband was so impressed that his filthy truck (that has been sitting for 12 months) is scheduled this Monday, where I am sure magic will happen! We are moving back to WA state soon and I am sad to say I can't take Ardy and his business with me."

Brandi H., Hattiesburg, MS

"Very professional and courteous. My car always looks top notch when I get it back. You can tell great care and detail was put into it. Also very accommodating when I made an online error! Thanks, as always, guys!"

Amanda Leff

"I had my truck detailed at the 98 location by the Shell station today. It looks like it just came off the showroom floor! Excellent job and customer service, highly recommend!"

Jessica Rawls Noblinpan>